We are creating a decentralized self-governed nation based on libertarian principles, operating as a “2nd layer” on privately owned territory/property located in other “host nations” around the world.

Our nation will operate as a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) and in parallel with normal society, with as little conflict as possible. The goal is for our DAO members (or “citizens“) to be able to work and live free from coercion, government oppression and tyranny.

We are inspired by Václav Benda’s Parallel Polis and Paralelni Polis and Smuggler and XYZ’s brilliant book “Second Realm: Book On Strategy“, now we need your help to fulfill this vision.

the Problem & our Solution

On the direction of a small group of globalist elites, governments and puppet politicians around the world are becoming increasingly oppressive towards the citizens they’re supposed to serve.

Our liberty is not derived from a vaccine or a “vaccine passport”, and we intend to free ourselves from their tyranny.

We hope you will join us!


We will combine growing our own food with creating a private food distribution and supply network for our citizens, making us less vulnerable and more self sufficient.


We will create new jobs and an economic system and our own currency that operates in parallel with the old servile society. A system and economy where our citizens can flourish without coercion.


The earth belongs to us all, and we will create our own travel infrastructure where law abiding healthy citizens can travel in private arrangements without interference from oppressive government and NWO elitists.


We will create our own unstoppable peer-to-peer currency and banking system based on cryptocurrencies and physical gold and silver, allowing our citizens to engage in legal and voluntary trade with other citizens.


We will create our own restaurants and our own entertainment venues around the world for our citizens to enjoy. Our food will be healthier and taste better too.


We’ll build “a parallel society”, (a parallel polis) where we can cooperate and flourish together. The society we’re creating will be more tolerant and just, and won’t discriminate and segregate citizens based on what medical experimental procedures they have consented to.

the Problem & our Solution

On the order of a small group of globalists, governments and puppet politicians around the world are becoming increasingly oppressive towards the citizens they’re supposed to serve.

Our liberty is not derived from a vaccine and we plan to free ourselves from this tyranny.

We hope you will join us!


Innocent healthy people around the world are being banned from supermarkets and other shops because they don’t want to take part in dangerous medical experiments.


We will combine growing our own food with creating a private food distribution and supply network for our citizens, making us less vulnerable and more self sufficient.


Doctors, nurses, firefighters and many other innocent healthy people around the world are being fired because they don’t want to take part in dangerous medical experiments.


We’ll create a new economic system, jobs and our own currency separate from the fiat economy of the central bankers. An economy where our citizens can flourish without coercion.

restricted travel?

Law abiding healthy citizens around the world are being restricted from travelling due to lacking the correct “vaccine passport”. 


The earth belongs to us all, and we will create our own travel industry where law abiding healthy citizens can travel as they normally would in private arrangements.


It’s only a matter of time before banks start closing bank accounts or stopping transfers for citizens that lack a “digital identity” and the correct social credit score.


We will create our own unstoppable cryptocurrencies and used physical gold and silver, so our our citizens can engage in voluntary trade with each other.

baNNED from restaurants?

Healthy law abiding citizens around the world are being banned from visiting restaurants and other entertainment venues due to tyrannical vaccine passports.

private restaurants

We will create our own private restaurants and entertainment venues around the world for our citizens to enjoy. Our food will be healthier and taste better too.


A new totalitarian form of communism re-branded as “The Great Reset” and “Stakeholder Capitalism” is being pushed by a small globalist elite and their puppet politicians. 


We’ll build “a parallel society”, (a parallel polis) where we can cooperate and flourish together. The society we’re creating will be more tolerant and just, and won’t discriminate and segregate citizens based on what medical experimental procedures they have consented to.


“There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren’t enough criminals, one makes them. One declares so many things to be a crime that it becomes impossible for men to live without breaking laws.”

― Ayn Rand


We are starting a DAO that aims to establish an environmentally sustainable decentralized nation that is largely self-sufficient with privately owned territory all around the world.

Naturally people have questions, and there are indeed many problems to solve, but we believe we must succeed if we want to avoid living in a totalitarian communist new world order nightmare.


The first answer to that question is that we believe this is possible because we not only have a moral right to stand up to the unjust dehumanization of law abiding healthy citizens who have done no wrong, we also have a moral obligation to disobey unlawful and unjust and laws and regulations.

Listen to the words of the great Dr Martin Luther King Jr below.

The other answer to the above questions is that we believe we plan to succeed by “doing things differently“.



Many people don’t yet understand what a breakthrough blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies are for people who wishes to remain sovereign over their own lives.

Yes, governments can stop cryptocurrency exchanges and other fiat on-ramps, and they can make it much more difficult for people to buy cryptocurrency, but they can not stop Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monero and other large decentralized blockchains.

Through the use of encryption, decentralization and blockchain technology we can build currencies, communication systems and markets that can’t be censored or stopped, at least not without shutting down the Internet.

We can also create “digital privacy shields” that protect us from those who wish to harm us.



The physical territory offers much difficult challenges and will be much harder to defend. It is likely that we will occasionally fail to defend our territory and that some of our citizens will have to face the consequences of this.

However, it is important to remember that even if we will technically be breaking some unjust laws and regulations we are not criminals, at least in any moral sense.

It is not criminal for free human beings to go to work and support and feed their families, or visits and meet with their friends.

Some tyrannical and often corrupt politicians or bureaucrats may have imposed laws and regulations that declare walking in nature or visiting your mother a crime, but it is not unlawful.

The government may declare it “illegal” for a Doctor to prescribe certain life saving medicines to a patient who needs them, but it is not unlawful.

The government may declare that nurses who have not injected themselves with experimental gene therapies are not allowed to treat patients in need, but it is not unlawful.

This beautiful earth of ours belong to us all, and we all have a right to use it as long we do not infringe on the rights of others.

This last point is something that we will work very hard to avoid.

We do not seek any conflict with the “normal” servile society, or “The First Realm” as Smuggler and XYZ calls it in this excellent book.

We just want to be left alone to live in peace, go to work and visit our friends and neighbors.

We will do our utmost not to spread any disease, whether man-made in a laboratory or naturally occurring, whether deadly serious or mild.

In fact, we want as little to do with “The First Realm” servile society as possible, now that those who wish to live under tyranny have shown us their true face of discrimination and segregation.

We will attempt to protect our physical territory by breaking the OODA loop of our attackers in the first two stages, rather than the second two stages, which is what most people who are unhappy about the current situation try to do.

If you don’t understand what we mean with this, please listen to this presentation below.

What is the goal of


Our first short-term goal is to launch our new Decentralized Reserve Currency for the new free decentralized world.

Our second short-term goal is to organize people around the world to stake property, land, ships, aircraft and other assets that they own and/or control, and to declare their assets as sovereign and part of the new decentralized nation. In return for committing territory and assets citizens will earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

Apart from physical assets such a land and property, both citizens and non-citizens will be able to offer services to our citizens in both “The First Realm” and in our new parallel economy in “The Second Realm” in our new nation. Service providers earn cryptocurrency rewards for simply offering and listing services, whether they are frequently used by citizens or not.


Our medium-term goals are for our nation to jointly acquire a wide range of properties, (we call these “Citadels“) and other types of assets in multiple locations around the world. These assets will obviously be available for our citizens to use regardless of vaccination status, vaccine passport or any other government issued “digital identity”.

These Citadels will function as “safe havens” where freedom, privacy and individual rights are respected and honored by everyone, and where citizens can live, interact, work and trade voluntarily without threats or coercion.

In the medium to long-term we also plan to create our own international law firm and a private defense force that will work solely to protect the rights of our citizens, no matter in which country on earth they reside


Our long-term goals are to buy several large offshore islands and set-up Autonomous Economic Zones (AEZ) in friendly host nations around the world, where our citizens will be able to self-govern using our own laws and currency, whilst being recognized as self-governing in most matters by the host nations where our territory is located.

THE VIDEO SEEMED TO FOCUS ON vaccines. can I join even if I'm vaccinated?

Yes you can.

The JoinRevolution project has very little to do with vaccines, which is a personal decision that every person should make together with a doctor they trust based on their own health status, age and trust in the vaccines.

You’re most welcome to apply for citizenship whether you’re vaccinated or not, and your vaccination status will have no bearing on if you’re accepted as a citizen or not.

The vaccines and in particular the vaccine passports are being used by a small group of globalist elites to bring in more control over all human beings on earth.

Now that it’s been scientifically proven that the current vaccines do not stop the spread of the SARS-Cov-2 virus, the vaccine passports serve no purpose other than to control people. This should be clear to anyone who spends even a minute thinking about it.

If the goal was to stop the spread of Covid19 the elites and governments around the world would request frequent testing of everyone, instead of vaccine passports, whether they are vaccinated or not.

The New World Order Plan is to use the vaccine passports as a Trojan horse to usher in a new digital identity for every citizens on earth.

This digital identity will be a requirement for all daily activities in the future, including getting access to the Internet and banking services.

Eventually, these digital identities will be used to bring in a “social credit score system” similar to that which we see in China, where people are punished and excluded from parts of society for questioning or not following the directives of their government.


We plan to fork and create our own “Decentralized Reserve Currency” with a treasury that will continue to grow in value over time.

The DAO treasury will be invested in both crypto and real-world assets in order to generate a yield, but without ever using more than 50% of the treasury for investments or expenses, maintaining a minimum of 50% of treasury to generate income for the DAO.


The yield from the DAO treasury will be used for three different purposes:

1. Part of the yield will be used to cover the operational costs associates with owning the Citadel Assets of our DAO.

2. Part of the yield will be used to buy back and burn our rewards token, which is paid as staking rewards to those who stake land, property or other assets and/or offer services to our citizens.

3. Part of the yield will be used to pay for the operational expenses of the DAO.


A maximum of 50% of the DAO treasury will be used to purchase Citadel Assets and pay associated costs. These assets will be jointly owned by all citizens.


Privately owned Citadel Assets are assets which a majority of citizens and DAO shareholders did not vote to spend the DAO treasury funds on, but a minority still wanted to pursue the investment

will be financed through the sale of NFTs that correspond with each specific asset.

In order to access and use a particular property and the services therein a citizen will need to own one of the corresponding NFTs as well as hold a certain number of tokens in their wallet. Holding these tokens generates the yield required to cover the expenses of owning that particular asset.

DAO members propose and vote on new assets to be acquired, as well the number of NFTs to be sold to finance the purchase of the proposed assets. When the minimum number of NFTs have been sold to DAO members/citizens wishing to own a particular asset has been reached the asset is then purchased.

Our treasury and all property and other assets owned by our DAO will back the value of our tokens and NFTs.


We plan for our citizens to have the ability to move freely and work, study, visit and live in any of our territories around the world for which they hold an NFT, without interference of other nations, regardless of their country of birth or previous citizenship.

Different territories will have different laws and rules, which citizens will need to abide by. Each territory functions as a “mini-DAO” (comparable to “a state”) and is mostly self-governed by the investors and NFT holders who own a part of that particular asset, but all territories are governed by our Constitution. NFT holders can also rent out their NFTs to other citizens when they are not using a particular asset but wish to earn a yield from their NFT.

Since international travel is generally restricted by governments around the world, the goal of our citizens being able to travel freely around the world without restrictions and interference from host nations where our territories are located can only be accomplished once our private travel network is fully operational.



Yes, let’s use one of our planned “Citadels” as a first example.

A Citadel can be any private property owned by our DAO or a “sub DAO”. It can be any asset or property, like a farm, a forest, a hotel or even a remote castle in the countryside. Let’s use the castle as the first example, since it’s the most romantic.


The castle was purchased for $3 million dollars which was raised through the sale of NFTs to our citizens.

The process started with a citizen who made a DAO proposal. The idea was to buy a specific remote castle in the countryside. Every assets purchase proposal contains a number questions that have to be answered by the proposer.

These questions and other other parts of the proposal was then discussed, voted on and changed a number of times by the citizens who liked the original idea and wanted to invest, but had other good suggestions for how to best use the castle.

In the end it was decided that each NFT should grant access for the NFT holder to stay at and enjoy the Castle for 7 days per year, and that a total of 50 weeks per year should be sold, with 2 weeks remaining for repairs and maintenance each year.

There were 4 types of NFTs available depending on the type of room each person wanted as well as the season they would prefer to stay at the castle.

Since the castle had 28 rooms multiplied by 50 weeks, a total of 1400 NFTs were to be sold with an average price per week of $2450 per NFT. This sale price allowed an extra $430,000 for additional costs associated with the purchase and other unexpected expenses.

There were also 3 additional “Platinum NFTs” for sale which allowed those NFT holders to live full time in 3 small separate cottages on the castle grounds. These Platinum NFTs were sold at a discounted $90,000 each. These were the first NFTs sold and kickstarted the interest among DAO members for this particular project.


The operational costs of the castle was estimated in the original proposal at $280,000/year but after discussions among DAO members this estimate was agreed to be raised to $350,000/year to allow for extra staff at the castle if needed. This meant that every NFT holder also needed to hold DAO tokens generating a yield of $250/year. Since the DAO treasury yields a minimum of 50% APR this meant each NFT holder would also need to hold and stake an additional $500 worth of the DAO token for each NFT he owns. Staking this amount of DAO tokens will automatically cover all operating expenses of owning the castle.


The castle can be used by all NFT holders for a time period that corresponds to the number of NFTs they hold, and should they wish to they can also rent out their NFTs and earn a yield on it. For those who hold one NFT they can spend 1 week per year at the castle for free, which can easily be booked online.

The castle may host any number of events the DAO owners vote on and no vaccine passport or dangerous medical procedure is required to stay at the castle, although the NFT holders of this particular “mini DAO” all voted that everyone staying at the castle should take a simple lateral flow test before their arrival.


If at some point the “mini DAO” that owns the castle vote to sell it the proceeds are then split among the NFT holders according to their percentage ownership, which is guaranteed through the NFT. At the time the Castle is sold the NFT owners can also unstake and sell their DAO tokens.

If the demand from people who wish to stay at the castle has risen an NFT owner could also at any time sell his NFT on the open market for a profit. At that point he can also unstake his DAO tokens or use the yield from them for any other DAO asset he prefers to own instead.



A number of citizens decide that they want healthier cheaper food that is organic and not destroyed by pesticides, especially since as they are vaccinated it is getting more difficult to buy food. They make a proposal to purchase an operational farm that is small but produces a variety of organic food in their local region.

The purchase price is $750,000 and since the farm produces enough food yearly for 180 people the citizens propose a new mini DAO with a total of 180 NFTs to be sold for a minimum of $4350 each which raises $783,000 with an extra $33,000 to cover any additional purchase costs.


The running costs of the farm to produce all that food are quite high at $400,000/year or $2220 per NFT.

This means that each NFT holder is also required to hold and stake DAO tokens worth a total $4500 each to be able to benefit from their NFT and get their share of food from the farm.

The yields from staking these DAO tokens pays for the NFT owners share of the cost of operating the farm and producing the food, and by simply owning an NFT and staking some DAO tokens he now receives 1/180th share of all food produced by the farm each year.



Restrictions on travel has been placed on those who are unvaccinated, (or do not have the correct number of boosters) or the correct “social credit score” meaning it is getting harder and harder to travel even domestically. A group of citizens therefore decide to put fourth a proposal for the main DAO to purchase a Piper Cherokee 6, (a 6-seater propeller aircraft with a 700 mile range)  and sell 500 NFTs with each NFT granting the owner the right to 3 flight hours per year.


The purchase price of the newly serviced Piper Cherokee Six was $180,000 and the proposal was for the sale of 500 NFTs at $400 each, which gave an extra $20,000 for inspections and unexpected expenses. Each NFT gave the holder of that NFT the right to use the aircraft for a total of 3 hours per year, including any “empty legs” needed for relocating the aircraft to pick-up or drop off passengers.


The yearly operational costs of the aircraft including employing two professional pilots who lost their jobs due to being unvaccinated was estimated at $295,000/year which was around $600 per NFT. So for each NFT owned the NFT owner would also need to stake $1200 worth of DAO tokens, and the yield from those tokens then cover the operational costs of the aircraft for 3 hours per year with up to 5 passengers per flight, including fuel, pilots and insurance.


Since any citizen holding an NFT can use the aircraft NFT holders are able to rent out their NFTs at a profit for those who wish to travel urgently, or they can use the NFTs for their own travel arrangements without having to use commercial airports and airlines.

We hope the above scenarios give an idea of how we envisage the funding to take place for a number of different projects. Any citizens can put forward a proposal, and then it’s down to him/her to get enough other citizens on board to buy their share in the project, either for personal use or as an investment and to rent out the rights and benefits that come with their NFT to other citizens.



We invite citizens who wish to earn cryptocurrency to make property or other assets they own available to become part of our decentralized nation and territory, by “staking” it.

Making private property (or any other asset such as a vehicle, or a service such as a hairdresser or a restaurant owner) available to the citizens of our nation allow owners to earn an income from their property, whether it’s actually being visited and used by our citizens or not.

It’s a bit like putting your property on AirBnB and getting paid whether it’s rented out or not, and the more it is used the more you earn.


All forms of property are welcome, including land or parts of land, sheds, rooms, apartments, villas, farms and even aircraft, cars, trucks, boats and ships. You may make any type of property that is under your control part of our nation and available to our citizens, and you will earn an income in cryptocurrency for doing so.

Owners always retain 100% control of their property and can unstake their property at any time for any reason.

Owners may also put additional rules in place for visitors as long as they abide by our Constitution. These rules may relate to restrictions on visits for what citizens (or guests of citizens) can do on the property, the max length of stay for any visitor, or certain tasks that visitors must carry out in order to stay at the property, including requiring payments in the form of tokens or any other currency.

For example, the owner of a homestead or a farm can offer a shed and a small piece of land to be part of our territory, with the stipulation that it may only be used by two citizen at any one time, and citizens must work 4 hours per day at the homestead during their stay.

Regardless of any additional rules property owners may put in place, the Constitution is the supreme law applicable on all territory and assets of our nation, and both providers of the property/assets and the citizens who visit/use it agree to abide by the Constitution at all times.

Apart from earning money, staking your property enables you to meet with other citizens and change ideas and information, as well as improve your trust score and your standing in the nation.


Anyone can make a proposal to stake their services to other citizens, for a fee or in any other way they wish.

For example, the government may have introduced new laws making it illegal for those who are unvaccinated to get a haircut at a hairsalon. If you are hairdresser you could propose to “stake your services” as a hairdresser and say that you welcome any unvaccinated citizen to use your services as normal, without a vaccine passport.

You may make other requirements in order for citizens to use your services, such as that they must have taken a later flow test within 3 hours of visiting your salon, and they must pretend to show you their “vaccine passport” on arrival, or they may only book an appointment after 5pm for example.

If you are a restaurant or a nightclub owner who don’t agree with the tyrannical vaccines passport and the segregation of our society you can invite citizens to visit your restaurant and pretend to show your doorman their vaccine passport on arrival, but require that they have taken a lateral flow test before arriving.

Simply by offering your services to our citizens like this service providers can earn rewards in the form of our rewards token.



Anyone who wishes to stake territory or services for the benefit of our citizens needs to make a proposal to our DAO.

This is a simple and non-binding process that is done online, and involves filling out a short form where you explain what asset or service it is you are making available or offering to our citizens, and what the terms are for those who wish to use it.

In this proposal you can either state the desired daily reward you wish to get in the form of our rewards token, or you can simply let our DAO members make the decision on what they consider this service to be worth.

If for example the government has prohibited unvaccinated from visiting hospitals and you are an experienced doctor who offers to treat unvaccinated citizens at a low cost, then your daily rewards will be high.

If on the other hand you have a nail salon in a small town when the government has prohibited unvaccinated to visit these establishments your daily reward is likely going to be much smaller than the doctor in the above example.

The rewards token are granted to people, businesses and anyone who helps our citizens live normal full lives despite being unvaccinated. The more attractive your assets or service is to our citizens, the higher your daily rewards will be.

There are only a certain number of reward tokens emitted each day depending on the total amount invested in our DAO Treasury, so it is also a factor of how many other people and businesses are competing for our rewards token. The earlier you are the more rewards token you will earn, and the more likely it is that the value of those tokens go up as part of the yield from our treasury is used to buy back the tokens on the open market and burn them.


All citizens with a certain minimum trust score can apply to assist and work for the DAO in various roles that include acting as an arbitrator during disputes between citizens or jurors in case a citizen has been found to be in breach of our Constitution or local rules when using one of our assets or properties.

Citizens who work for the DAO and make themselves available for these positions are called “DAO Deputies” and they earn daily reward tokens for their services to the DAO.

When a proposal for a reward is made to our DAO it is randomly handed to a small team of DAO Deputies who consider the proposal and either accept it and allocate a certain amount of reward tokens to the owner, or reject the proposal if they don’t believe the service is valuable to our citizens, or the requested minimum daily reward is too high.

If your proposal is rejected by the first team of DAO Deputies but you would really like to be included you can modify your proposal and re-apply or you can appeal the decision, in which case a 2nd new team of DAO Deputies will review your appeal.



We welcome everyone who shares our values and beliefs as stated in our manifesto to apply to become a citizen.

Anyone who can pass the Citizenship Test (CT) can become a citizen, no matter their country of birth or current nation status.

Note that the CT is an extensive process and may take several days or even weeks to complete. It involves a significant amount of required reading and videos to study, multiple exams and some in-depth tests.

The reason for such a comprehensive citizenship test is that we are looking for like-minded people who share our foundational values and beliefs. Although diversity can be healthy in many situations we believe that people who share certain basic values generally get along much better, and with less conflict.

Getting along harmoniously and in peace with agreed rules will allow us to reach our goals much faster than if there is in-fighting among citizens.


We don’t actually “charge” for the Citizenship Test, but we require everyone who wishes to apply to become a citizen to own and hold a minimum number of DAO tokens in their MetaMask wallet before they are able to apply. If you don’t pass the Citizenship Test and you don’t wish to re-apply at a later date you can simply sell your DAO tokens back on the open market.

The main reason for this requirement is that it greatly reduces the likelihood that our enemies will attempt to become citizens and infiltrate our nation. By applying to become citizens, not only would our enemies have to pass the comprehensive Citizenship Test, but they also have to support our project financially by buying and holding our token during the entire application process.

Another reason is that if when we are overwhelmed with applications and our DAO Deputies are no longer able to keep up with the applications and on-boarding of new citizens we can temporarily raise the token requirement and thereby slow down the number of applications.



Don’t worry, we are happy to help those who wish to become citizens, but can’t afford the minimum token requirement.

You can earn the right to apply even if you can’t afford the token requirement for the Citizenship Test.

There are many ways to earn reward points toward your citizenship test, by for example creating videos on social media or spreading the word about what we do.

Simply fill in the form here to apply for an exemption, and you will get an email with suggestions for how you can earn enough “Citizenship Rewards Points” to apply without holding the required tokens. Once you have earned enough reward points you will get a special link allowing you to take the test without holding any tokens in your MetaMask wallet.

OUR MOTTO is “coniunctis viribus



Liberty is not collective, it is personal. All liberty is individual liberty, but working together we are a strong and powerful force and this way we can preserve our liberty better.


Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none

We won’t force our views and values upon anyone, but we will also not accept for others to force tyranny on us. We will operate our nation in parallel with the existing society, not fighting against it.


We’ll end up someplace else if we don’t know where we’re going

Becoming a citizens in our nation is not a good fit for everyone. We are looking for a special type of person, especially at these early stages. If you don’t pass the Citizenship Test please re-apply in a few months.

our manifesto

Read our manifesto to find out if you’re a good fit for our nation.


If you’ve read our manifesto and agree with every word, please apply for citizenship.

Image of JoinRevolution favicon.


You’ll need a certain amount of our token in your wallet to apply for citizenship.

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