Our Manifesto

We want to create a new decentralized self-governed voluntarist nation that operates based on libertarian principles, as a “2nd layer” on privately owned territory in other host nations and in parallel with normal society, where citizens can live and work free from coercion and government oppression.

The world is in crisis

A tiny but powerful elite are oppressing the vast majority of the world’s citizens, and now they’re trying to take advantage of the Covid19 pandemic to force through their agenda for a Great Reset and a New World Order.

Although we applaud anyone who tries to fight tyranny in traditional ways and through politics, we do not believe this is a fight we can win, and it is no longer how we want to spend most of our time. We want to build a new parallel society for those who respect individual rights and freedom.

We want to create a parallel society consisting only of individuals who value true tolerance and individualism, rather than collectivism. Many of us have seen the ugly face of intolerance and lack of respect for individual rights and bodily autonomy during the Covid19 pandemic.  If you were one of the many who demanded that everyone gets vaccinated to appease your fears, you are not welcome. As Libertarians & Voluntarists, we are looking for citizens who believe that people are sovereign over their own lives. People who believe that no one should be forced to sacrifice their own values and beliefs for the benefit of others, even if they are contradictory to your own.

There are only a few hundred people who rule the world, and although in many democracies we elect our politicians and public servants, these men rule the world behind the scenes.

No longer satisfied with pulling the strings from behind the scene, they now want to create a centralized one-world government, because they believe this is the only way to save the planet and the future of humanity.

 We believe their plans are detrimental to the future of humanity.

We believe all human beings are born free with Natural Authority and inherent rights. We also believe that every human being should be free to follow their own dreams in their own ways, as long as they don’t actively interfere with the rights of others.

no citizen shall live in fear

The foundational core principle of our nation is that no citizen shall live in fear of violence, coercion or tyranny and we want our territory to act as a sanctuary from state sponsored oppression, violence or coercion. When on our territory citizens should be free to live and have voluntary interactions with others without fear of government or other authoritarian oppression as far as is humanly possible.

We are divine beings floating around in space on our sacred planet that belongs to us all. Together, let’s harness our universal consciousness and love so that we can use the precious gift of life that we’ve been given and make the world a better place.

We believe we must lead by example, and that in leadership, the way up is down. We should serve before we get served. It is up to us to create the world of tolerance and freedom we want to see.

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none

We believe that people who share similar foundational values and beliefs, in particular in regards to individual rights have less friction and more trust in their interactions with each other. 

We won’t force our views and values upon anyone, but we will also not accept for others to force their views and values on us.

If you apply for citizenship you agree that you will not only tolerate other views but embrace individualism, and that all your interactions with others will be voluntary.


1. All human beings are born free as sovereign individuals and with inherent rights.

2. No natural man made law can be justified, other than by consent of the governed.

3. We human beings belong here, and it is out right to live on this planet and do as we will as long as we don’t actively interfere with the rights of others.

4. We owe no allegiance to anyone or to any unnatural system that we have not consented to being part of.

5. We are free human beings and not here to be ruled by others against our will.


1. We will honor and respect the natural authority and human rights of every individual on this planet.

2. An attack on the sovereign authority and human rights of another citizen is an attack on all citizens sovereign authority and human rights.

3. We live here together and share this planet with all other human beings, animals and plants and we have a fundamental obligation to respect our planet and all living things, and do our best to preserve it for future generations.

4. We will never initiate violence or create fear in another human being. The sole reason for use violence against other humans that can be justified is in self defense. No other use of violence can be justified.

5. We will never confuse the power used by those who claim authority over others against their will.



We believe that we can escape our bonds and live in harmony, with mutual respect and under laws and rules that we have all consented to, simply by allowing ourselves to escape the mental prisons we live under..

We believe that by walking away we are helping to heal the divisions in society, because we will no longer interfere with those who put the collective above the individual.

If you share these belief we welcome you to apply for citizenship and join us in building a better future without tyranny.

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